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AutomationAutomating effects ► Automating individual effects parameters

You can automate the parameters of some of SONAR’s effects by drawing envelopes, or recording fader movements, or creating snapshots. You enable all automatable parameters in an effect when you enable the Automation Write button in an effect property page.
If you opened the Clips pane pop-up menu, choose Envelopes > Create Track Envelope > (name of the effect you patched). If you opened the Bus pane pop-up menu, choose Create Bus Envelope > (name of the effect you patched).
Check all the parameters you want to create envelopes for; as you check each envelope choice, you can choose a color for the envelope by clicking the Choose Color button that’s in the lower right corner of the dialog box.
Note: You can change a plug-in envelope’s color whenever you want by highlighting its name in the effect’s envelope dialog box and clicking the Choose Color button.

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