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Your MIDI interface needs a driver to function. A driver is a small software program that controls input and output for a peripheral device. To use a MIDI interface in SONAR, you need to make sure that your interface’s driver is installed, and that you have told SONAR to use it. That way, SONAR knows to use the driver and to list all of your interface’s inputs and outputs in the proper menus. If your MIDI interface is part of your sound card, you probably installed its driver when you installed the sound card. You can check this in SONAR in Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Devices. In the Outputs list, see if the name of your MIDI interface is listed. It should be called something like SB Live MIDI Out. Make sure it is highlighted. In the Inputs list, you should see something like SB Live MIDI In. Make sure this is highlighted and click OK. If you don’t see the name of your interface listed, you need to install its driver from the CD, floppy disk, or Web site that your interface’s documentation recommends.
After you have installed the driver and restarted your computer, you need to tell SONAR to use this particular driver. Go to Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Devices. In the Outputs list, make sure that the name of your interface’s driver is highlighted. If it isn’t, click it to highlight it. If your interface has more than one output, make sure you highlight the names of all the outputs. The order of the outputs in the list determines what output numbers SONAR gives to each output. So even if an output on your interface has a label that says 1 or A, if it is not first in the list in the Outputs list, it will not be labeled 1 in SONAR. You can change the order in the list by temporarily deselecting all the outputs except the one you want to move to the top, and then clicking the Move Selected Devices To Top button that’s at the bottom of the dialog box. Then make sure you reselect the other outputs you want to use.

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