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Beginner’s guide to Cakewalk softwareAudio ► Track-by-track playback

You can change a track’s volume by dragging its volume fader (see the following figure). You can silence a track by clicking its Mute button (any button you click lights up when it’s enabled). You can also silence all other tracks besides one if you click a track’s Solo button . You can click either of these buttons while a project is playing, and you can mute or solo as many tracks as you want. You can also silence a track by archiving it, but you have to stop playback to archive or un-archive a track. To archive or un-archive a track, click the track’s Archive button . Archiving a track removes its data from your computer’s memory (RAM), freeing up more memory for other tracks that you may be working on.
A. Track volume fader—drag left or right to change B. Mute button C. Solo button D. Arm button E. Archived track
Table 258.  
The track is not played, and you must stop playback to re-enable it. Archived tracks do not tax your CPU during playback so they can be used to store alternate takes.

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