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Dialog box reference ► Apply Audio Effects dialog

Delete the effects from the track effects bin. This option lets you either keep your effects patched in the selected track(s) after the effects have been applied, or delete the effect from the track(s).
Fast bounce. This option is normally enabled but should be disabled if the track you are bouncing contains the External Insert plug-in (see External Insert plug-in (Producer and Studio only)). If you bounce audio that uses the External Insert plug-in, the bounce operation must be performed in real-time.
Audible bounce. The Audible bounce option is only available when in real-time bounce mode (when Fast bounce is unchecked). When Audible bounce is unchecked, no audio output will be heard during the bounce process. When in real-time bounce mode (Fast bounce unchecked) and Audible bounce is enabled, you can hear the output of the mixdown.
Note: Depending on the gainstages used in the project and the mixdown options selected–such as bouncing with source category assigned to Tracks, or with mute/solo or automation disabled in the bounce settings or while freezing tracks–the output may be louder or softer than during normal playback. Please be sure to turn down the master output level before using real-time audible bounce under these scenarios to avoid the possibility of speaker damage.

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