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Dialog box reference ► Freeze Options dialog

The Freeze Options dialog box has the following options:
When checked, SONAR bounces to tracks as fast as your computer will allow. If unchecked, bouncing to tracks happens in real time. Uncheck this option if you are using a synth that only works in real time. This option is checked by default.
Check this if you want to create a single clip for all the bounced audio. If you don’t check this, each separate clip on a track creates a separate clip when you freeze the track.
If you checked the previous option, you can check this box and adjust settings in the Remove Silence dialog box to remove silence in a frozen track. Checking this option will create separate clips from a single clip that has areas of silence in it.
This value allows for a reverb or delay tail (the reverberations or signal delay that continue once the source has stopped). Set this value at a high enough value to allow for any delay or reverb or other effect that you may have patched into a track.
When Fast bounce is disabled, the real-time bounce operation can be performed either silently or audibly. To hear the bounce operation while freezing a track, select the Audible bounce check box.
When selected (default behavior), the track effects bin is rendered into the frozen clip, Freeze Tail Duration is applied, and the track effects bin is bypassed.
If the Track FX option is not selected, the track effects bin is not rendered into the frozen clip, which is useful when freezing AudioSnap clips in order to conserve CPU resources.
Tip: You can right-click any track’s Freeze button in the Track view to open the Freeze Options dialog box.

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