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Dialog box reference ► Go dialog

Press G to open the Go dialog box, which allows you to jump to a new Now Time. Additionally, the Go dialog box opens when you right-click a transient marker on a track with AudioSnap enabled and choose Move to or Stretch to.
The Go dialog box has only the following field:
In this field, fill in the time you want to move to according to the following table. You can click the spin controls (Plus-Minus buttons) to move forward or backward one tick at a time. When you click OK, the Now time becomes the time in the To Time field.
When you enter a time in MBT format, the beat and tick value are optional. You can use a colon, period, space, or vertical bar to separate the parts of the Now time.
Table 263.  
If you click in the time ruler while the snap grid is enabled, the Now time snaps to the nearest point in the grid. By setting the grid size to a whole note or quarter note you can easily set the Now time to a measure or beat boundary.

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