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The Staff View Layout dialog box contains the Percussion Settings button, which opens the Percussion Notation Key dialog box. The Percussion Settings button is not available unless the track that is highlighted in the Staff View dialog box uses a percussion clef.
Use the Preset field to apply, save, or delete a set of percussion settings.
Use this field to select the MIDI pitches in your track that you want to appear as different pitches (to make the notes fit onto the staff neatly). You can set MIDI notes that would normally appear with several or lots of ledger lines to appear somewhere in the staff.
This tiny window displays the default note—the note that all unbound MIDI notes display as.
When you click a note in the MIDI Note field, the Recommended for window displays some standard display pitches for that MIDI note.
When you click a note in the MIDI Note field, you can select a type of notehead for it, For example, cymbals usually use an X for a notehead. The Notehead Circled field allows you to add a circle around any MIDI note’s notehead.
This field allows you to add an articulation symbol to every instance of the selected pitch. For instance, hi-hat patterns often have a + over the closed hi-hat note and a circle over the open note.

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