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Dialog box referencePreferences dialog ► MIDI - Drum Map Manager (Advanced)

The Drum Map Manager section lets you create and save drum maps for use with hardware or software samplers. You can customize drum maps to select specific sounds on any of your samplers.
The Drum Map Manager section contains the following settings:
This field displays all the currently available drum maps. click the New button to create a new drum map and Delete to delete a drum map. Select a drum map to display the drum mappings in the Drum Map Manager. All drum maps in this field are saved with the current project.
Presets can be used to populate the fields in the Drum Map Manager. This field is also used to save new drum maps by entering a name in the field and clicking the Save button.
In Note. The source MIDI note value.
Out Note. The MIDI note value that plays on the destination sampler.
Name. The user-defined name for the row.
Channel. The channel on which the note is transmitted. There is an option to follow the track’s Channel setting.
Out Port. The hardware output port or software virtual output port to which you are sending the note.
Vel+. Apply a velocity offset setting to an individual mapped pitch.
V Scale. The V Scale value sets a level of compression or expansion. A value below 100% is compression. A value above 100% is expansion.
This section lists each unique Port and Channel pairing. This allows you to make quick global changes that Port and Channel pairing’s bank and patch settings.

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