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Dialog box referencePreferences dialog ► File - Initialization File (Advanced)

The Initialization File section lets you view and edit the Cakewalk.ini file, which allows you to store information about your preferences and configuration.
Warning: There are several other .ini files in the SONAR folder, but you should not attempt to edit or modify these files in any way. Changes to these other files could cause SONAR to stop operating properly.
Before making any changes to any of the .ini files, you should make a backup copy in case you make a mistake. After you have made your changes, save the file and close Notepad. SONAR reads the settings in these files only when it first starts up. Therefore, if you change any settings while SONAR is running, you should exit and restart SONAR in order for the changes to take effect.
The Initialization File section contains the following fields:
Type the variable into this field that you want to set a value for, for example, DrawPlayingAudio. Spelling is critical, but case doesn’t matter.
Click this button to finish assigning the number in the Value field to the variable in the Option field.

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