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Dialog box reference ► Project Files dialog

Open the Project Files dialog by selecting Project Audio Files from the File menu.
The Project Files dialog box provides the following information:
The following status entries are possible in the Status column of the Project Files dialog:
Global. The file is stored in the Global Audio Data directory. The Global Audio Data directory can be changed in Edit > Preferences > File - Audio Data.
Local. The file is stored in the local wave data directory, a per-project data directory which is a subdirectory in the directory where the project file is stored.
External. The file is stored in a directory other than the Global Audio Data directory or in a Local audio data directory.
Missing. The file is not to be found.
You can quickly sort files by clicking on the column headers, for instance, to see all Missing audio files, click on the Status column header and the missing files appear at the top of the column.

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