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Dialog box reference ► Undo History dialog

The Edit > History command opens the Undo History dialog box, which displays a history of your editing actions (the command is greyed-out if you made no edits). You can set how many editing actions you want the Undo History dialog box to store by changing the number in the Maximum Undo Steps field. The default value is 128.
Use the Undo History dialog box to jump to a previous time in the history of the project. Then you can continue from that point, causing all the edits you did after that action to disappear.
The Undo History dialog box has the following fields:
The History list displays a list of all the editing actions you did to this project, up to the number of actions in the Maximum Undo Steps field.
To revert to an earlier version of a project, highlight the entry in the History list that represents the point to which you'd like to return, and click OK. SONAR performs the necessary undo or redo actions to take you to that point. Once you make any new edits, SONAR clears the History list of all the edits you made after the edit you jumped back to. Then, as you do further work, the History list grows again. Any edits that happened after the edit you jumped back to remain on the list.
You can click the Clear button in the Undo History dialog box to erase the undo history for the current project and free up some memory. If SONAR is low on memory, it may offer to erase the History list.

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