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MIDI tracks have a control called the MIDI Scale. This control displays a vertical ruler labeled with MIDI values (in 7bit Values mode) or MIDI notes (in Notes mode), giving you a visual guide for editing notes and controllers. The MIDI Scale is also a vertical zoom control. If a track uses a Drum Map, the MIDI Scale for that track displays the Drum Map’s note names on the track’s MIDI Scale (in Notes mode).
A. MIDI Scale
Note: In Notes mode, if the track is zoomed-out too far, there is not enough room in the MIDI Scale to display the keyboard. To see the keyboard, you need to zoom in far enough to display the keyboard.
Right-click the MIDI Scale and choose Fit Content from the pop-up menu.
Right-click the MIDI Scale to display the pop-up menu, and choose either 7bit Values (this displays MIDI values), or Notes (this displays the keyboard).

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