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Each line of the Event List view shows a single event along with all of its parameters. There are many different types of events. All share the following parameters:
The event type, or kind of event
The remaining parameters vary by event type. You can hide or show each kind of event via the Event List view View menu or by checking its check box in the Event Manager dialog box. Here is a summary listing of the parameters that apply to each type of event.
Table 136.  
Pitch (MIDI key number), velocity (0-127), duration (beats:ticks or simply ticks), MIDI channel (1-16)
Windows Media Control Interface (MCI) command
Automation graph segments made up of a solid line between two nodes
Note: Shape events cannot be edited, only deleted.
Opens Event Manager dialog box
Inserts a copy of highlighted event—double-click the event’s Kind parameter to change it to the kind of event you want
Many keyboards do not support key aftertouch and channel aftertouch. Consult the User’s Guide for your keyboard for more information.
When you double-click the value of a patch event, SONAR displays the Bank/Patch Change dialog box. For more information about bank and patch changes, To insert a bank/patch change.
See System exclusive data, for more information about System Exclusive banks.
See Editing audio, for more information about audio clips.

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