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Note Events. There are three values parameters for note events:
A velocity (0–127), which is how fast the key is struck. Some keyboards don’t transmit or receive velocity messages.
A duration, which is how long the note lasts. This amount is shown in beats:ticks format. (If the note lasts less then one beat, then only the number of ticks is shown.)
Note names may also represent percussion instruments, and lists of such note names are sometimes associated with a particular percussion patch. The note C3, for example, may really be “kick drum.” If a patch is associated with a percussion note name list, the name of the percussion instrument appears in Event List view rather than a note and an octave from the piano keyboard.
Table 139.  
Media Control Interface (MCI) commands are special events that let you control other multimedia hardware and software (e.g., CD-ROM drives, laserdiscs, sound cards, animations, video) during playback. MCI commands are part of the multimedia extensions in Windows. MCIcmd events have one parameter—the command line text of the MCI command. Here are some examples:
Table 140.  
PLAY C:\Train.wav
Plays the video file Vacation.avi from the VIDEOS folder
While MCI commands can be used to play Wave files, these files are played at their normal speed and are not necessarily synchronized with MIDI or other audio data. By contrast, Wave audio clips are played in lock-step synchronization with MIDI and other audio data.

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