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Editing MIDI events and continuous controllers (CC) ► MIDI effects (MIDI plug-ins)

SONAR provides the ability to use plug-in MIDI effects. Using plug-in effects is similar to using the MIDI processing commands off-line. The overall procedure is as follows:
Right-click the selected clip(s) and choose Process Effect > MIDI Effects on the pop-up menu.
Click Audition to preview the music with the effect applied.
Click OK to apply the effect to the selected MIDI data.
If you're not happy with the result, choose Edit > Undo before doing any additional work.
MIDI effects can also be applied to MIDI tracks in real time (during playback) in the Track view, Track Inspector and Console views. Unlike any of the processing described so far, using effects in real time is non-destructive. This means that the MIDI data itself is not modified.
Note: Offline effects may cause your MIDI events to grow in size. For example, when you apply echo, the clip may need to grow to accommodate the tail end of the echo.

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