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Figure 235. MFX Quantize
The Quantize command moves events to (or towards) an evenly-spaced timing grid.
Table 141.  
The strength of the adjustments. 100% indicates perfect quantization; otherwise, the command moves the notes only part way towards the desired position.
The distortion of timing used to produce a swing feel. A value of 50% indicates a straight rendition; negative and positive values produce distortion of the timing grid. For more information about swing, see Swing.
The sensitivity of quantization. A value of 100% causes all notes to be quantized. Lower values cause the effect not to quantize notes that are far from the timing grid.
The offset of the quantization grid from the start of measure boundaries. A value of 0 indicates perfect alignment. Values less than 0 shift the grid points earlier; values greater than 0 shift the grid later.
Causes a random time offset to be added to or subtracted from each new event time. You must also specify the maximum offset, as a percentage of the quantization resolution.
Right-click the selected clip(s) and choose Process Effect > MIDI Effects > Cakewalk FX > Quantize on the pop-up menu.

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