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Figure 239. MFX Chord Analyzer
The Chord Analyzer command analyzes chords. You select the notes to be analyzed in one of SONAR’s windows, then open the Chord analyzer and press the Audition button. The chord appears on the MIDI display and the staff, and its name with possible alternatives appears in the Chords recognized box.
Table 144.  
The frequency with which the Chord Analyzer samples the chord. Lower numbers (smaller intervals) are more accurate, but require more computation.
Right-click the selected clip(s) and choose Process Effect > MIDI Effects > Cakewalk FX > Chord Analyzer on the pop-up menu.
Click the Audition key.
Note: When analyzing chords you may see chords being displayed before you hear them. You can reduce the amount of time these chords appear ahead of playback. To do so, go to Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Playback and Recording and enter a lower value in the Prepare Using “N” Milliseconds Buffer option. Excessively low values may cause glitches during playback, so it is best to gradually reduce the value in this option until the desired result is achieved.

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