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External devices

SONAR can be controlled by a wide range of MIDI controllers and external MIDI devices. SONAR also contains two generic controller/surface plug-ins (the ACT MIDI Controller plug-in, and the Cakewalk Generic Surface Plug-in), which allow you to use almost any MIDI controller or controller/surface with SONAR. You can also control certain external devices from SONAR by using StudioWare or OPT (Open Plug-in Technology) panels.
SONAR allows you to control soft synths as well as effect plug-ins. Active Controller Technology (ACT) allows you to control any plug-in that has focus, using the same widget mappings for each instance of the same plug-in. You can also choose to lock a particular controller/surface to a particular instance of a plug-in.
To keep track of your mappings, SONAR displays different-colored markers on each track and/or bus to show you which controller/surface is currently controlling that particular module. These visual markers on tracks and buses are called the WAI display (Where Am I).
SONAR includes preset mappings for popular controllers/surfaces and MIDI controllers such as the Roland A-PRO series. If SONAR does not currently include preset mappings for your controller/surface, you can create mappings by using the built-in ACT MIDI Controller Plug-in or Cakewalk Generic Surface Plug-in.

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