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External devices ► Roland A-PRO controllers

SONAR has a custom controller/surface plug-in that allows a Roland A-PRO controller to control SONAR track, bus, and plug-in parameters (both effects and synths). This includes support for ACT (Active Controller Technology), which lets you use your controller to adjust plug-in parameters on whatever plug-in currently has focus.
Figure 359. The A-PRO control surface plug-in enables full control of all SONAR tracks, buses, plug-ins and other parameters from your A-PRO MIDI keyboard controller.
A. A-PRO MIDI keyboard controller B. Control surface plug-in C. SONAR
Choosing the correct Roland In Port in Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Control Surfaces.
Go to Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Devices.
Select A-PRO 2 in both the Inputs and Outputs lists.
Go to Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Control Surfaces.
Click the Add Controller/Surface button , which opens the Controller/Surface Settings dialog box.
In the Controller/Surface field of the Controller/Surface Settings dialog box, select A-PRO.
Assign both Input Port and Output Port to A-PRO 2.
Click OK to close the Controller/Surface Settings dialog box.
In the Preferences dialog box (MIDI - Control Surfaces page), make sure that the WAI Display check boxes and the ACT Indicators check boxes are enabled, and click OK.
Figure 360. ACT button
Now that your Roland A-PRO is connected, you can see which tracks and/or buses are being controlled by it by looking at the colored markings (the WAI display; see The WAI display for more information) in SONAR’s interface. Open the A-PRO property page by double-clicking the WAI display or by choosing A-PRO from the Utilities menu.

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