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External devicesACT MIDI Controller plug-in ► Using the ACT MIDI Controller property page

In the Presets list, select the name of your controller/surface. If your controller/surface does not have a preset, select the Default preset, and see Assigning controls on your controller/surface to cells in the ACT MIDI property page.
Important: After you load the preset for your controller/surface, look at the Comments field on the Options tab of the ACT MIDI Controller property page. The Comments field will usually list the factory memory preset that your controller/surface must be using to use the ACT MIDI Controller plug-in. Make sure that you have loaded the correct memory preset in your controller/surface’s memory.
On the Options tab, in the Rotaries, Sliders, or Buttons fields, choose the Bank of parameter mappings that you want to edit, then select a new parameter for that Bank. For example, if in the Rotaries field, you select Bank 4, and the parameter field next to the Bank field now reads Send 2 Pan, you could select Send 2 Vol instead. If you then click the Controllers tab, and select Bank 4 in the Bank menu that’s in the rotaries row, the rotary knobs will now control Send 2 Volume on all the tracks currently under control. If you have at least 2 sends in each track, the Rotary fields on the Controllers tab will now display the name and current level of each Send 2 in the controlled tracks.

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