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External devicesACT ► Importing ACT data

You can use ACT with any automatable plug-in. You can create your own mappings by using the ACT Learn button, but because ACT Learn mappings are stored in XML files, you can also import XML data that contains predefined parameter mappings for certain plug-ins. These predefined parameter mappings provide generic "best guess" assignments between the controls on your surface, and the parameters in the plug-in, which gives you a starting point that you can customize by using the ACT Learn process.
The import feature makes it easy for users to share data, and will also allow you to download incremental updates when new plug-in mappings become available.
If you import ACT data for a certain plug-in, and you have already mapped some of the parameters in that plug-in, for each already-mapped plug-in, a dialog box asks you if you want to overwrite that plug-in's mapping. This lets you protect any parameter mappings that you've already done.
Go to Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Control Surfaces.
Click the Import ACT Data button to open the Import dialog box.
If duplicate plug-in entries are encountered during import, SONAR will ask if you want to overwrite the existing plug-in settings. The options are: Yes, Yes All, No, No All. Select one of the answers.

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