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External devicesWorking with StudioWare ► Recording control movements

You can move the controls in a StudioWare panel while playing back a project to adjust the levels or other MIDI activity that the panel is designed to accommodate. In addition, you can record changes that you make to the controls in a panel so that these changes become a part of your project. Recording changes so that they play back automatically is known as automation.
Table 223.  
You set all the controls to the values you want, and then create a snapshot of these settings at a particular Now time. When you play back the project later, all the controls will snap back to these settings when you reach the appropriate Now time.
You move controls in any way you like, recording the series of changes you make so they become part of your project. When you play back the project later, the controls move exactly as you recorded them.
The first approach is useful, for example, when your project contains a variety of distinct sections and you want to make a sudden change in one or more settings between the sections.
The latter approach is most useful when you want to create smooth transitions from one section to another. For example, you could slowly add modulation to a MIDI piano or move the faders on a digital mixing console. Once you record these changes, they will play back along with your project automatically.
StudioWare lets you record and re-record automation data as many times as necessary. When you record new movements for a control, any old events for that control are replaced by the newer ones. Movements of other controls are unaffected. You can re-record moves again and again until you’ve got the movement exactly the way you want it. You can also edit automation data using the Notes pane in the Piano Roll view.
There are three tools in the StudioWare toolbar that are used to control recording and automation:
Table 224.  
The Update button in the StudioWare toolbar indicates whether these changes are played back visually on the StudioWare panel. Press this button to make sure that automation parameters and changes made on the external MIDI device are displayed in the StudioWare panel. Turn this option off if you do not want to see these changes.
If you are recording a snapshot while playback is in progress, you should probably disable Update. Otherwise, some of the controls may move as a result of previously recorded automation events, even while you are trying to position them correctly.
When you are recording real-time control movements, you probably want Update enabled, so that the controls will show the events that have already been recorded.
If you record automation data on a track that contains linked clips, SONAR automatically unlinks the clips so that the automation data do not apply to other instances of the linked clip. As an example, suppose you have four repetitions of a particular riff, stored in four linked clips that play in sequence. When you record a fade-out over these four clips, SONAR automatically splits the clips into four independent clips, each with automation data representing some portion of the fade.
The automation data you record using a StudioWare panel can be displayed and edited using either the Notes pane in the Piano Roll view or the Event List view. For more information about the Controller pane, see Controllers, RPNs, NRPNs, and automation data. For more information about the Event List view, see The Event List view.
If the Now time is the very beginning of the project, then the snapshot will change the track parameters to match the controls in the panel instead of recording automation events.
Make sure the button in the StudioWare toolbar is not pressed so that Update is disabled.
Make sure the button in the StudioWare toolbar is pressed so that Update is enabled.
Make sure the button in the StudioWare toolbar is pressed so that Recording is enabled.
Note: Do not press the Record button in the Control Bar’s Transport module!
Click the button in the StudioWare toolbar to turn off real-time recording.

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