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Audio file management ► The Project Files dialog

SONAR projects, extension .cwp, contain all your project information with the exception of your digital audio data. This data is stored in a separate folder or folders. You can opt to save the audio data for all of your projects in a single audio folder, or create multiple folders.
The Project Files dialog box lists all of your project’s audio files and their location. This dialog box is a valuable tool for managing your audio files. Access the dialog by opening a project and choosing Project > Audio Files.
Figure 355. The Project Files dialog
The Project Files dialog box has important information, including:
Exactly which folders all of your audio files are saved in—know at a glance if you can backup your project by copying the audio folder and the .cwp file or if you need to do a Save As to round up files not in your project’s audio folder.
The combined size the audio data in your project—important if you are going to backup your project
Global. This means that the file is stored in the Global Audio Data directory. The Global Audio Data directory can be changed in Edit > Preferences > File - Audio Data.
Local. This means that the file is stored in the local wave data directory, a per-project data directory which is a subdirectory in the directory where the project file is stored.
External. This means that the file is stored in a directory other than the Global Audio Data directory or in a Local audio data directory.
Missing. This means that the file is not to be found.

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