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CycloneUsing Cyclone ► Loop editing

Clicking a loop in the Loop bin displays that loop in the Loop view. The Loop view displays the selected loop as a series of slices that separate the transients in the loop. When the Auto-preview button is depressed, you can click each of the slices to hear it. If the loop is assigned to a Pad, the slices also appear in the Pad Editor as a series of events, which you can also click to hear. Clicking an event in the Pad Editor also highlights the corresponding slice in the Loop view.
You can drag slices from the Loop view to any position in any track in the Pad Editor in order to add data to a Pad, or replace an already-existing event If you can drag a slice along a series of events in the Pad Editor, if the Auto-preview button is depressed, each event sounds as you drag across it, enabling you to hear events before you decide to replace them.
Make sure that the Auto-preview button is on.
Drag the Track Length marker to the right or left to lengthen or shorten the track, respectively. You can include empty space in your track. If you depress the Loop button for that Pad (track), the track loops continuously between the beginning of the track and the Track Length marker.
You can set the number of divisions in each slice. This controls how exact the placement of your slices is within the Pad Editor. Each division represents a place where a slice can “snap to” or begin.

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