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Introduction ► Installing SONAR

SONAR is easy to install. All you need to do is choose the folder where the program and sample project files should be stored. Before you start, make sure you have your serial number handy. Your serial number is located on the back of your DVD case.
If you have autorun enabled, the SONAR AutoRun menu opens automatically, showing you a dialog box with several buttons. If autorun is not enabled, you can open the SONAR AutoRun menu by selecting Start > Run and entering d:\AutoRun.exe (where d:\ is your disc drive).
Click the Install SONAR button.
Note: If you exit Setup without completing the installation, choose Start > Run, type D:\AutoRun.exe (where D:\ is your DVD drive), and click OK. This will reopen the AutoRun window, and you can click Install to start installation again.
You can also install SONAR by choosing Start > Run and running the application named setup.exe from the DVD.
When you installed SONAR, the setup program placed an Uninstall icon in the Start menu. To uninstall SONAR, click the Start button and choose Programs > Cakewalk > SONAR X2 (Producer, Studio or Essential) > Uninstall SONAR X2 (Producer, Studio or Essential).

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