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MIDI Groove clips are MIDI clips that you can roll out like audio Groove clips, and you can also choose to have SONAR transpose MIDI Groove clips when your project reaches a pitch marker.
You can change any MIDI clip into a MIDI Groove clip (or back into a regular MIDI clip) by right-clicking the clip and choosing Groove-Clip Looping on the pop-up menu. A MIDI clip that has its Groove clip feature activated appears with beveled edges in the Clips pane.
All new repetitions are based on the first clip (just like audio Groove clips). However, if you split a repetition from its original source clip, the repetition becomes independent: if you copy this clip, SONAR treats it as an original clip.
You can import MIDI Groove clips from the Import MIDI dialog box, the Media Browser view, and by dragging and dropping from the Windows Explorer.
Right-click the clip and choose Groove Clip Looping from the pop-up menu.
Move the cursor over the end or beginning of the clip until the cursor looks like this .When the cursor changes, click the end or beginning of the clip and drag it to the right (if you are dragging out from the end) or left (if you are dragging from the beginning).
Hold down the ALT key, and press the + or - key on your computer keyboard to raise or lower the clip’s pitches a half-step at a time. You don’t have to stop playback.
Open the Clip Inspector’s Groove Clip section and adjust the Pitch (semitones) field. Choose the number of half-steps you want to transpose the clip by: choose negative numbers to transpose down, or positive numbers to transpose up.
Either method transposes the original clip and all repetitions. The original clip displays a positive or negative number in parentheses showing any transposition value you’ve added to the clip.
If you use pitch markers to transpose a clip, any transposition value you add to the clip by the above two methods changes the final pitch by whatever transposition value you’ve added.

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