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MIDI files ► Special handling of GM, GS, and XG MIDI files

General MIDI compatibility of a song file is indicated by the presence of a special System Exclusive message at the beginning of the song. When SONAR finds a GM, GS or XG reset message, it assumes that you would like to work within the GM Score Production guidelines. This causes SONAR to use special timing for program change information when writing MIDI Files, and allows it to search more aggressively for track parameters when reading MIDI files. The result is that it is easier than ever to create and use General MIDI song files with SONAR.
SONAR does not enforce or even verify compliance with the GM guidelines for your music data. But SONAR does comply with them when generating events that represent track parameters. If necessary, SONAR will insert blank setup measures at the start of your song. This makes space for certain events to be inserted at the correct times at the start of each track: bank changes, patch changes, volume, and pan. This means that you can use SONAR’s track parameters for these settings when composing songs: When you save your work as a MIDI File, SONAR will place these events in the track at the specific clock ticks recommended by the guidelines.
You can tell SONAR to follow the GM guidelines by loading the “Turn GM System On” Sysx bank in the Sysx View (gmsystem.syx in your Cakewalk directory), and then either inserting a sysx event at time 1:1:0 or using the Auto setting for that bank.
When loading a GM file, each track’s bank, patch, volume and pan parameters are lifted from the data stream and placed in SONAR’s Track view for you to see and edit onscreen. The GM mode ensures that all patches, banks and controllers are placed at specified times throughout a setup measure when you save a MIDI file. This ensures that all setup information can be digested by your synthesizer before it starts playback. If you don't have a setup measure in your project, SONAR will insert one for you.

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