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Process > Fit Improvisation
SONAR lets you record music from a MIDI controller without requiring that you use a fixed tempo. But if you record without using a metronome, you are very likely to end up with a recording that does not fit onto a fixed tempo grid.
The Process > Fit Improvisation command lets you take a recording and create a tempo map (with measure and beat boundaries) that fits what you played. Your performance is not changed in any way, even thought the note start times and durations are adjusted to fit the new tempo map.
To use this command, you must record a “reference track” containing a single clip that matches your original track or tracks, but has only a single note on each beat boundary. You should make sure that the reference track has one event for every single beat, with no extra beats or missing beats. The first beat of the reference track should be at 1:01:000. You can use any editing command to adjust the reference track.

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