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Menu reference ► Help > Keyboard Shortcuts

Help > Keyboard Shortcuts
Note: A plus sign (+) indicates that both keys must be held down at the same time. For example, CTRL+F6.
File > New
File > Open
File > Save
File > Print
Edit > Undo
Edit > Redo
Edit > Select > All
Edit > Select > None
Edit > Cut
Edit > Cut Special
Edit > Copy
Edit > Copy Special
Edit > Paste
Edit > Paste Special
Project > Insert Marker
Scale audio waveform in all audio tracks and MIDI notes in all MIDI tracks
Scale audio waveform in current audio track or scale MIDI notes in current MIDI track
Cycle through Edit tools (Edit/Timing/Split)
Open V‑Vocal Editor
Create V‑Vocal clip
Note: All V‑Vocal shortcuts in the Editor itself are listed in the V‑Vocal help file.
Toggle the Audition (Play) button for the view

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