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MixingSignal flow ► Routing and mixing digital audio

Any audio track can be tapped, before or after the track volume control, and sent to one or more buses. A bus can tap any number of audio tracks. Each track’s data passes through the track’s send level knob on its way to the bus. This is shown in the following figure.
A. Pre-fader: output level to Bus 1 is not affected by the track’s volume fader B. This track is routed to Bus 1 and Bus 2 C. Send enable button: must be lit to send track data to bus D. Post-fader: track’s volume fader controls output level to Bus 2
The audio in each bus is processed by the input gain and pan controls (main output buses don’t have these controls), then processed by any real-time effects you have patched, sent through the bus output level and pan controls, and then sent to the designated main out, in stereo. You can also insert a send control on a bus, and send the bus signal to another bus, or route the output of a bus to another bus.
At each main out, all audio data from audio tracks and buses that were routed to that main are mixed together. Finally, the data passes through each main’s master volume fader.

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