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Mixing ► Metering

The Console view, Track views and Track Inspector all have meters to measure playback level, record level, bus output level, and main output level. You can configure the meters differently in each view, if you want.
The responsiveness of your record meters (which also measure input monitoring) is dependent upon the latency setting in Edit > Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings and the settings Edit > Preferences > Customization - Audio Meters. With higher latency settings the meters may appear sluggish.
Note: Metering uses significant amounts of your computer’s processing power, especially RMS metering. If you need to free up resources, turning off metering where you don’t absolutely need it helps. Using peak metering on tracks and peak plus RMS metering on the main out is a good option. To disable all metering, turn off metering in both the Track view and Console view.

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