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MixingUsing real-time effects ► Bypassing effects globally

Temporarily bypass all inline plug-in delay compensation (PDC) effects in order to avoid delay compensation induced latency while tracking virtual instruments or input monitored tracks.
SONAR also has the ability to bypass effects at a per-effect level (effects bypass) as well as at an effects bin level (bin bypass). Any existing effects and bin bypass states are preserved when you globally bypass and unbypass effects.
Note: The Bypass all Effects option is only a temporary toggle, and is not saved with the project.
Figure 258. The Mix module.
Right-click the effects bin and select Bypass Bins Of This Type from the pop-up menu.
All effects bins of the same type as the source effects bin are globally bypassed. To restore the bins to their original state, simply toggle the state of the Bypass Bins Of This Type option.

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