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Mixing ► Organizing plug-ins

Once you have more than a few plug-in effects and/or soft synths installed on your computer, you might want to organize the way they appear in the various plug-in and synth menus that you use. The Cakewalk Plug-in Manager is a powerful tool to organize your plug-in menus. Open the Plug-in Manager by using the Utilities > Cakewalk Plug-in Manager command, and display the Plug-in Manager’s help file by pressing F1.
Even if you don’t use the Plug-in Manager, SONAR now automatically organizes all DX and VST plug-ins into a default plug-in menu layout called Default All Plug-ins. If you select the Plug-in Layouts > Manage Layouts option from a plug-in menu, the Plug-in Manager opens and automatically populates the Plug-in Layout area with the Default Layout, which produces a solid starting point for customizing layouts.

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