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MixingUsing V-Vocal (Producer and Studio only) ► V-Vocal pitch-to-MIDI

V‑Vocal is able to convert pitch to MIDI. V‑Vocal data can be dragged from V‑Vocal and dropped onto a MIDI track in SONAR’s Clips pane.
To open the Pitch to MIDI Settings dialog box, right-click in the V‑Vocal Edit pane and select Pitch to MIDI Settings from the pop-up menu.
Pitch Bend Range. This setting is used to specify the pitch bend range to use when converting fine pitch changes to MIDI. The Pitch Bend Range value is specified in semitones and the range is 1-24. The default value is 2 semitones.
Time Resolution (ticks). This setting is used to specify the tick interval between pitch bend events. The choices are 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120, and the default value is 20 ticks.
Use Pitch Bend. This setting specifies whether or not the converted MIDI data will include Pitch Wheel events.
Click the Pitch to MIDI button and drag onto a MIDI track in SONAR’s Clips pane.
A MIDI representation of the post-correction V‑Vocal audio data is copied to the MIDI track.

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