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MixingReal-time bounce ► Preparing to create an Audio CD

You can create an audio CD from any wave file or files (extension .wav) of up to either 74 or 80 minutes (depending on the recordable CD media you have). If your projects are audio only, you can simply mix down to a stereo wave file. If your projects contain MIDI, you must first convert the MIDI tracks to audio tracks. Once you have all the stereo wave files you want to include on your CD, you are ready to burn a CD. Use the Utilities > Burn Audio CD command to burn your tracks to an audio CD.
Choose Utilities > Burn Audio CD to open the Audio CD Burner dialog box.
Click Add Track to locate and import the audio Wave files you want to burn to CD.
Click Burn CD.
SONAR verifies, performs a layout of the tracks and writes the current track list to CD medium in the selected drive. After the disk is completed, the disk is ejected from the drive.

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