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Pedal marks traditionally indicate where the sustain pedal of a piano is to be pressed and for how long. With SONAR, you can achieve the same effect by inserting a pair of symbols indicating when the sustain pedal controller is to be turned on (down) and when it is to be turned off (up). Unlike chord symbols, expression marks, and hairpin symbols, each pedal symbol corresponds to a MIDI event. The other symbols are purely ornamental, intended to provide a composer with a way to communicate suggestions or requirements to performers.
Table 196.  
The event value. A value of 127 depresses the pedal, a value of 0 raises it. (Some advanced synthesizers support values between 0 and 127 for “partial pedaling.”)
You can suppress the display of all pedal marks by deselecting the Show Pedal Events option in the Staff view's Layout dialog box.
Click the Pedal button in the Staff view.
Figure 348. The Pedal Proerties dialog box.

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