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The Regenerate TAB command works on selected regions in a track to modify the fingering according to the method you choose. The TAB display by default uses the Floating algorithm which allows the notes to spread over the entire fretboard. By choosing the Fixed algorithm instead, you can designate a specific finger span and lowest fret which causes the TAB of a selected region to be displayed within this range. This usually creates a more compact fingering system.
The Regenerate TAB command gives you a third choice for displaying tablature MIDI channel. This uses the event's MIDI channel to determine which string the note should be displayed on. When MIDI Channel is selected, the user chooses which series of MIDI Channels should be considered. This is useful for MIDI guitarists that record parts in MONO mode, where each string transmits on a different MIDI channel.
Click the Staff view Edit menu and choose Regenerate TAB to open the Regenerate Tablature dialog box.
Select Fixed from the Method field and fill in values for Finger Span (usually 4), Lowest Fret, and Number of Frets (usually 21).

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