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Notation and lyrics ► Working with percussion

The Staff view can display percussion tracks on a five-line percussion staff or on a single percussion line. The staff usually displays notes for a drum set or multiple percussion instruments; the line is used to display notes for a single instrument (although it need not be so).
SONAR lets you control the appearance of percussion staffs in considerable detail. You can display percussion notes using several different types of noteheads and articulation symbols, and you can map any percussion sound to any position on the percussion staff (in a percussion track, each MIDI note value designates a different percussion instrument; mapping lets you display any instrument in any position on the staff, regardless of the underlying MIDI note value). You can save your settings as a preset, and use them again on other tracks and in other projects. SONAR supplies a standard preset based on the General MIDI percussion standard and popularly accepted percussion staff positions and noteheads.

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