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Normally when you solo a track/bus in SONAR, the tracks or buses which are not soloed are essentially muted. Dim Solo is a mode in which non-soloed audio tracks/buses are still audible but at a reduced level. The default gain reduction is -6dB, but can also be configured for -12dB and -18dB.
Dim Solo is useful when you want to focus on a specific track but you still want to edit/mix the track in context with the entire mix. This allows you to hear all tracks while the soloed track stands out from non-soloed tracks.
Click the Dim Solo button in the Control Bar’s Mix module.
Figure 43. The Mix module.
When Dim Solo mode is enabled, the amount of gain reduction applied to non-soloed tracks or buses is specified in the Preferences dialog box.Go to Edit > Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings.
Set the Dim Solo Gain setting to either -6dB, -12dB or -18dB and click OK.
The Dim Solo dB setting is saved with each project.

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