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Controlling playbackChanging track settings ► Adjusting volume and pan

The Volume and Pan settings control the initial volume and pan of a track during playback. Every time SONAR starts playback, the Volume and Pan settings for the track are set to these initial levels. SONAR allows you to choose different panning laws if you want (see Configuring panning laws).
In some projects you want the volume or panning of a track to change while playback is in progress. You can accomplish this by drawing a volume or pan envelope in the Track view, or by recording automation. For more information, see Automation.
Note: For MIDI tracks, SONAR processes the volume and pan settings by transmitting MIDI volume and pan events (controllers 7 and 10, respectively) when playback starts. If two or more MIDI tracks are set to the same output and channel but have different volume or pan settings, the settings for the highest-numbered track will prevail.
Move your cursor to the Volume control of the track you want to change.
Move your cursor to the Pan control of the track you want to change.
Click and drag to the left to adjust the pan to the left or to the right to adjust the pan to the right.Hard left is 100% left. Hard right is 100% right. Pan is centered at C.

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