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Controlling playbackChanging track settings ► Assigning a MIDI channel (Chn)

MIDI transmits information on 16 channels, numbered 1 through 16. Every MIDI event is assigned to a particular channel. Some MIDI equipment can accept MIDI information on only a single channel. This channel may be preassigned, or you may be able to change it. Other MIDI equipment, including many electronic keyboards and synthesizers, can accept information on several different MIDI channels at once. Usually, these devices use a different instrument sound for each channel.
The Chn control in the Track Inspector and Console view redirects all events in the track to the specified channel, ignoring the channel number stored with each event. If this parameter is left blank, all events in the track are sent to their original channels.This parameter does not affect the channel information that is stored with each MIDI event. When the track is displayed in other views, like the Piano Roll or Event List view, you will see the original channel that is stored in the file. You can edit the channel values in those views or use the Process > Find/Change command.

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