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Controlling playbackChanging track settings ► Adjusting the time alignment of a MIDI track (Time+)

Each event takes place at a known point in the project. On playback, the time offset (Time+) parameter adjusts the times for MIDI events in the track by the designated amount. The value can be as small as a single clock tick or as large as you want.This parameter can be used to make a part play behind the beat or in front of it or to compensate for tracks that sound rushed or late. The time shift can be used to create a chorus or slap-back echo effect by making a copy of a track and then applying a small offset to the copy. You can use larger time offsets to shift a track earlier or later by several beats or measures.Note that you cannot shift any event earlier than 1:01:000. For example, if the first event in the track starts at 2:01:000, you cannot shift its start time earlier by more than one measure.
This parameter does not affect the time that is stored for each note event. When the clip is displayed in other views, like the Piano Roll, Staff, or Event List view, you will see the original times as they are stored in the file.
Enter a value, or press the + or – key until you reach the value you want.

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