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Controlling playbackChanging track settings ► Other MIDI playback settings

Table 27.  
If this option is enabled, SONAR zeroes (resets) the pitch wheel, the pedal Controller, and the modulation wheel Controller on all 16 MIDI channels whenever playback is stopped. It also sends a “Zero All Continuous Controllers” MIDI message, which turns off other continuous Controllers on newer synthesizers. If you experience frequent stuck notes when playback stops, try checking this option.
Patch/Controller Searchback Before Play Starts
If this option is enabled, SONAR searches for and sends the most recent patch change, wheel, and pedal events on each output and MIDI channel before starting playback. This ensures that all these settings are correct, even if you start playback at an arbitrary point in your project.
To set these options, go to Edit > Preferences > Project - MIDI. If you have set up a playback loop, enabling either of these options can cause an audible delay when the loop is restarted.

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