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Controlling playbackVideo playback, import, and export ► Exporting a project to a FireWire DV device

Once your project sounds the way you want it to, you can export the video and audio together to an external FireWire DV device. This is called “printing to tape,” if your external device uses tape.
Use the File > Export > Video command to open the Export Video dialog box.
In the Save as Type field, choose AVC Compliant Device. You might see a different name in the drop-down menu, depending on what type of external device you are using.
Click the Audio Mixdown Options button to open the Audio Mixdown Options dialog box.
In the Audio Mixdown Options dialog box, choose the following options, and then click OK:
Channel Format. Choose Stereo.
Sample Rate. Choose 48000.
Bit Depth. Choose 16.
In the Export Video dialog box, click the Encoding Options button to open the property page of your external device.
Close the property page, and click the Save button in the Export Video dialog box to start exporting. If you’re printing to a device that uses tape, the tape stops rolling when the export process is finished.

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