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RecordingInput monitoring ► Live Input PDC override

Although SONAR supports streaming audio at very low latency, there are cases where internal buffering can cause additional latency. The most common scenario is when using plug-ins that require Automatic Plug-in Delay Compensation (PDC). PDC is the process of delay compensating other normal tracks so they are synchronized with the delayed audio produced by the plug-ins.
Whenever delay compensation takes place on a track that has a live input (an input monitored track or synth track), it is delayed by the required amount to synchronize it with other tracks. In some cases, the delay can be noticeable and make live tracking difficult.
The Live Input PDC Override toggle lets you disable delay compensation on live tracks, thereby removing the latency during playback and recording of such tracks. Since it's a toggle, you can quickly turn it on to complete your tracking at low latency, and turn it off when finished to hear the track compensated as normal.
Regardless of whether Live Input PDC Override is enabled or disabled, recorded audio is placed on the timeline at the correct position as recorded.
Live Input PDC Override is ignored during a bounce/export or freeze operations.
Click the Live Input PDC Override button in the Control Bar’s Mix module.
Figure 67. The Mix module.
Note: If the live track being monitored also contains track data (or MIDI data in the case of a synth track), the streamed track data will not be delay compensated. As a result the recorded track data will not be in sync with other tracks. You should either mute any clips on the live tracks, work with an empty region of the track, or use an entirely new track while recording.
Some signal routings can cause tracks to be out of sync when Live Input PDC Override is enabled. To prevent any potential sync problems, follow these suggestions:
Some plug-ins, such as iZotope Ozone 4 and various UAD plugins, change their internal delay (PDC) dynamically when certain parameters are modified, presets are changed or internal plug-in routing is changed. When a plug-in changes its internal delay, SONAR will detect this and re-sync all tracks in the project to this new delay value. While this is done you may hear a momentary interruption in playing audio. This is normal and required in order to keep tracks in sync and delay compensated.

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