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Recording ► Punch recording

Suppose you are happy with most of a track but want to replace some sound or add new material in one small section—perhaps as small as a couple of notes. This is where punch recording comes in handy, because it lets you record new material only within a specified range of times.
For example, suppose you recorded a 32-bar keyboard solo but made some mistakes in the 24th and 25th bars. With punch recording, you can play the entire solo again, so you make sure you can get the feel you want. However, only the bars you want to correct are actually recorded. That way, you don’t have to worry about introducing new mistakes elsewhere in the recording.
Figure 69. The Punch module.
A. Auto-Punch On/Off B. Set Punch Time to Select C. Punch In Time D. Punch Out Time
A. Punch In B. Punch Out
After you punch record, choosing Edit > Undo both discards any new material you recorded and restores the original material that had been deleted.
You can also combine loop and punch recording to record several takes of a punch. Say you are working on that perfect take of a guitar solo and you need to hear a couple of bars of the project as “pre-roll” before you punch in. By combining looping with punch, you can have each take begin before you start to play and still have the solo cut in at the appropriate instant.
A. The loop starts and ends here B. The punch starts and ends here
Enable the Auto Punch on/off button in the Control Bar’s Punch module.
The material you play during the punch time is recorded in the chosen track, either replacing any existing material (Overwrite mode) or blending with it (Sound on Sound mode).

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