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Recording ► Saving your work

Like most Windows programs, SONAR has a File > Save command and a File > Save As command to save your work. Normally, you save your projects in the standard project file format, with a file extension of .cwp. This file contains all your MIDI data and all your project settings. Any digital audio that is part of your project is stored in a separate file, as described in System configuration.
Table 39.  
A single file that includes all the material in your project: MIDI data, project settings, and audio data. This format is used for projects that contain digital audio, when you want to back up your work or transfer a project to a different computer. See Backing up projects with digital audio for more information.
Note: Bundle files do not save video data.
If you have made changes to a project and then attempt to close the project, either by closing the Track view or by choosing File > Close, SONAR asks if you want to save the changes you have made. This prevents you from accidentally losing your work. You can tell whether changes have been made to a project by looking for an asterisk (*) after the project name in the SONAR title bar.
SONAR has an Auto Save feature that periodically saves your work into a special backup file. You can request automatic backups at fixed time intervals or every time a certain number of changes have been made to the file. When the limit is reached, the file is saved automatically. If your original project is called MyProject.cwp, the Auto Save version is called Auto Save Version of MyProject.cwp.
If there is a power failure or if you make a significant mistake, you can recover the last-saved version of your project by opening this file. You should then save your project under a different name by using the File > Save As command.
Choose File > Save As to display the Save As dialog box.
Go to Edit > Preferences > File - Advanced to access Auto Save settings.
SONAR can be enabled to keep previously saved versions of your project in a temporary file. You can revert to any of these saved versions or use the default of the most recently saved version.
When file versioning is enabled, SONAR retains a list of previously saved project files in your project folder. The most recent version retains the original name of the project. Previously saved versions are saved with a time stamp following the original project name in order of most recently saved.
Go to Edit > Preferences > File - Advanced to access File Versioning settings.
Check the Enable Versioning Of Project (.CWP) Files check box.
Choose File > Revert.
Note: If the current project is unsaved at the time you choose File > Revert, you will be prompted with a warning that reverting the project will cause all unsaved changes to be lost. When the reverted project is loaded, the timestamp is stripped off, and the reverted project assumes the project’s original name.

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