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System exclusive data ► What is System Exclusive?

System Exclusive data is MIDI’s way of letting each synthesizer manufacturer transmit private data about its products. A System Exclusive message has a manufacturer ID; the rest of the message is completely proprietary and varies for each manufacturer, even for each of its products. SONAR does not understand what this data means; it simply can hold onto it for you. You can take snapshots of your equipment’s configuration and store them in SONAR’s System Exclusive banks for transmitting back to the equipment. You may want to do this simply to back up your equipment’s patches and/or settings, much like backing up your computer’s hard drive in case something goes wrong. Or you may configure your equipment differently for each project’s requirements, which is why storing System Exclusive banks with each SONAR project file can be useful. Of course, for merely backing up your equipment, you can have a project containing only System Exclusive data and no notes.

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