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System exclusive data ► Real-time recording of System Exclusive messages

You can record short System Exclusive messages in real time. These will end up in the track as the new Sysx Data types of events, which can hold System Exclusive messages up to 255 bytes long. Before you record any Sysx messages, go to Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Playback and Recording and make sure the System Exclusive check box is selected.
Arm a MIDI track for recording—use a track that’s uses the output you want to send the Sysx data out through.
Press the Record button or press R to start recording.
SONAR records your instrument’s Sysx data as a Sysx Data event. Open up the Event List view for the track you recorded on to view the data. When you play back the MIDI track that the Sysx Data event is on, make sure that the Output field of the track is set to the output that the MIDI instrument you want to send Sysx data to is on.

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