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Software instruments ► Using instrument tracks

SONAR has a track type called instrument track, which makes it very simple to work with soft synths. An instrument track is essentially two tracks—a MIDI track and an audio track, both associated with the same soft synth—contained in a single track strip. An instrument track allows you to control the MIDI data that is sent to a soft synth and the audio signal that is returned from the soft synth.
Do one of the following to insert a new soft synth:
On the Insert menu, point to Soft Synths and select the desired soft synth.
In the Synth Rack, click the Insert Soft Synth and ReWire devices button and select the desired soft synth from the pop-up menu.
The Insert Soft Synth Options dialog box appears.
Figure 250. The Insert Soft Synth Options dialog
Select the Instrument Track check box, then click OK to close the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog box.
The instrument track strip exposes MIDI input and audio output controls. Internally, the MIDI output is assigned to the soft synth’s MIDI input, and the audio input is assigned to the soft synth’s main output.
Table 156.  
Right-click one of the selected track strips and select Make Instrument Track from the pop-up menu.
Click the Track view Tracks menu and choose Split Instrument Track.

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